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Rivet Head Lyrics

Chemlab – Rivet Head Lyrics

Shooting blanks relentless pitchblade- microwave and the old collision
Out of order everything just turns to drool and white-hot indecision the
Pages burn the stomach churns the cycle turns lose your peace lose your
Mind crack the eggshell to escape the total trauma suicide deadline-
Going Out of My Head!- lying on back in the dark listening to the hum of
The machine tricked up wound up wound up trying to break your dreams the
Watcher seeker hunting out with a hungry eye the destroyer needs to feed
It's hard to find the door the lock when your whole life is out of key-
Going Out of My Head!- want to slip that needle in want to smell those
Fumes again want to beat those skins again but there's something wrong
There's something wrong- Going Out of My Head!
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Songwriters: Dylan Thomas, JARED HENDRICKSON
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