He erased the phase, you're halfway through.
Stacked up debts, cash for regrets
And the good times you had, well they just weren't yours
We saw who dropped you off a block from the store
His drilling will stick, now we can predict
The excuses you'll make, and whose words they'll all take

Up against the odds
Tight around the jaws

Say goodbye to the team, said the separator
(I'm not sure on this line)
You'll learn to sell out what you bought into
You'll come to second-guess the smile she just gave you
I'm here to tell you, you're playing with dolls
And making explosion sounds, everyone heard

I can't see how we're worth getting over
Overall, we will be lower

Thank the separator
The best parts are in coming later

Overall, we will be lower
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Tight Around The Jaws Lyrics

Chavez – Tight Around The Jaws Lyrics