Well breathe in
She said "That's fine, what's on your mind?"
I said "Your skin"
Well, can I imply that it's alright to let me in?
Just give me time to get things right and we'll begin
You tell me when

She says I'm out of her league
I don't think so
I'm not ready to leave
But I should go
There's such a wonderful breeze from the window
And now we're taking it down like a free throw
And I'm ready if you're ready to go
Just say the word, just say the word
Just say the word

This could take some time
Hands all over mine
Let this feeling slide
And girl, I'm yours tonight
And she said, "How I love the vibes"
And she's feeling so alright
And we're not coming down, we're high
So high

Well breathe in
The cigarette to ease the stress he left you with
I think you'll find that I don't mind if I'm dismissed
But you'll be fine with pouted lines break through your skin
And you tell me when




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Vibes Lyrics

Chase Atlantic – Vibes Lyrics

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