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Infectious Lyrics

Charlie Wilson – Infectious Lyrics

The selection with perfection
Is more than affection
Are you infectious? Yes, you are
Uncle Charlie, do the honors

Baby girl, lips so red, me call ya Maybelline
(Hey, how ya doin'?)
Ya rock my world, looks that kill, you knock me off my feet
(Hey, how ya doin'?)

Can you feel 'em on the runway? (yes, you can)
Can you hurt 'em with the round legs? (yes, you can)
Can you make 'em have it your way? (yes, you can)
Yes you can, yes you can

She's so infectious, she's dancing reckless
She's shakin' bacon, good lord, aw!
She's so infectious, she's dancing reckless
She's in her stage and good lord, aw!
(Get it baby, ge-get it baby, ge-get it baby, one time, aw)
(Get it baby, ge-get it baby, ge-get it baby, two times, aw)

[Verse 2]
Diamond girl, eyes so bright, they shine like Tiffany's
(Hey, how ya doin'?)
Such a flirt, you're teasin' when you walk and find a man
(Hey, how ya doin'?)



Oh, you look so stunning
You got my engine running
Baby girl, you know you own the night
You know you're so infectious
Blowing up my senses
Baby girl, you're playing with my mind!

[Verse 3 Snoop Dogg)
To kiss yo lips, dips slip into a zone
2 1 3 5 4 Home Alone
Infectious, gold tints with the chrome
Nick-nack, patty whack, gimme my bone!
I want you and I know that you want me too
So let's do what's on yo mind
Take yo time, girl, and put that thang on me!
I neva wanted to fall in love
But who's to say!
You neva wanted to fall in love?!
But you fell fo' me, anyway
I'm this, I'm that, I'm back on point
Heat by my thigh, you by my side
Fah' sure, you know Uncle Charlie let 'em know
(She's soooo infectious!)

[Chorus X2]

She's so in-Fec-Fectious
She's so in-Fec-Fectious
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