Cherry berry wine
Makes my head start reeling
Gives my heart a funny feeling
Like I've never ever felt before

Adam and Eve were drinking
Cherry berry wine
Eve told Adam those apples
Over there are so fine

Poor Adam couldn't see
That it was the wrong tree
'Cause he was drinking
Cherry berry wine

[Repeat chorus]

Samson and Delila were
Drinking cherry berry wine
She started talking baby talk
Really handing Samson a line

She cut off his hair
But he didn't care
Cause he was drinking
'Cherry berry wine

[Repeat chorus]

The Devil is the keeper
Of evil cherry berry wine
He'll use a woman's love
To really tear up your mind

What she wants you can't deny
No matter how hard you try
If you're drinking
Cherry berry wine

[Repeat chorus]
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Cherry Berry Wine Lyrics

Charlie McCoy – Cherry Berry Wine Lyrics