Cold spell fell, late april morning stayed
Dark as well, right on through the afternoon bell
They say, the trade wind brought it in
Her spade turns up the black and salty soil
"you get enough if you heat it up, but you should really have it raw."

Wait don't sip, it's only gonna do more harm
She drank her cup the same

Been down this road before
The ground was frozen then, now I't's thawed
The dirty wet wheels spun in the mud and the back
Just sank in

She tries to park against the curb but she gave up
I took the wheel we walked up to the stairs

Are you still in love, do you think that we should talk?
Are you ready for the next step?
Whatever that may be

Wait don't speak, your only gonna more harm. "
I spoke my mind the same

They say those boys had a hand in their mothers suicide
They took her bottles one by one and drove their mother dry
She loved them both so much she gave it all up
And took her one last shot from a widows gun
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Widow's Gun Lyrics

Charlie Christos And The Widow's Gun – Widow's Gun Lyrics

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