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Only Christina Knows Lyrics

Charles Hamilton – Only Christina Knows Lyrics

This song is personal so, I hope you like it

All I ask for was a partner to smoke with
I couldn't fall in love because my heart wouldn't open
Started off slow, then harder we both went
Hard to stay focused, she's largely provoking me
Hopefully we can, nevermind, it's over
Maybe we'll reconnect at a better time
I left her, after I let her recline
Relax in the fact I'm not a regular guy
Her lips were the perfect match
I tried to hurt her back
Murder the cat and put the fur on my lap
I prefer she be back but forget it, I blew it
I remember why she said she couldn't listen to my music
We were too close, she was my new host
A parasite I am with a needle and loose ropes
But she was my high, the reason I'm alive
And just like a genius I said bye, but why?

Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows

If you can't relate, cool, just listen
My boo is missing
I feel like shooting niggas
Late nights at [?] house, we go out
I go down she goes down, there's no doubt
So now I'm back to awkward flirts
Keep my mouth shut and telepathically talk to her purse
Not she, just a random chick on the bus
We lock eyes and she thinks about giving it up
Or does she, cause she love me more than [?]
Could I love me more than she?
Could I just be scoring threes with my game?
Or was she the dame meant to receive my name?
Whatever, this song isn't winning her back
It's just honestly without her my living is crap, whack
Nah son, I don't wanna hit the club
I miss my love
She's feeling me? I don't give a fuck

Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows
Only Christina knows
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