This ain't a simple life
I'm on a fast drive
I got my eyes wide
And yes I take pride
So when it comes to love
See if she gon ride
If I give her time
Gotta be with my wife
She gotta be more
Than pretty
More than bright
More than just any girl
More than
Every girl next door
That comes
Around my world
Give me more
I need more
Give me a reason
If you know it
If you know it
I got a meet her

I need more than the best
I need more than a dime
More than the rest
I need more by my side
I need somebody
That's gon change my life
I need somebody
That I can't deny
I need more than a look
I need more than a dime
Girl get me hooked
Get this boy outta lyin'
A diamond girl
I need to certify
Eleven, eleven
Eleven, eleven

This ain't just anybody
She got her swag good
She got her hair done
She up on fashion
Her styles one of a kind
She speaks her mind right
She's never uptight
Never gone fuss or fight
She's so confident
And ticklish
She got her life right
I could take her
Out in public
And she gon act right
If you know
Let her know
I gotta meet her
I need more
Than just good
She's gotta be more


I say 'let's go'
But it just won't stop
No, I consider for ya
Everything that I started
(Let's get descriptive
No, I get along
With anything
That comes my way
Eleven tops the line
She's fine
Eleven gives you
Chills up your spine
She's so necessary
You can't pass up
That eleven
No if you try
If she's a buyer, baby
She should be mine

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Eleven Lyrics

Charles Brandon – Eleven Lyrics

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