Every time when it gets rough,
Some people just go and hide,
Worrying that it's too tough
And they don't look inside.

I'm gonna fall on my knees,
Humble myself and say,
"Lord, I need a little more help",
"can you just make a way".

Bridge 1:
Through what I feel
(Right now) I just can't deal,
Give me peace
('cause Lord) I need relief.

You love me
(Enough to) show You care,
That's why I stay in prayer.


Verse 2:
When it's good, got out the 'hood,
Money just ain't a thing,
Feeling like ya did it yourself,
So ya just ain't caring.

What about keeping in touch
With the One who gives life,
Took away all of your sins
And carried you through your strife.


Bridge 2:
It is by grace (that I live),
I can't replace (what God gives).


Vamp 1:
Doing just fine, doing just fine.
Better than okay, better than okay.

Vamp 2:
Better than okay, better than okay.
Better than okay, better than okay.

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Still Gonna Pray Lyrics

Charles And Taylor – Still Gonna Pray Lyrics

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