Fill in tomorrow so the more you stop to What good
Song out of today's broadcast
Today, less than a fig, then open one which will eventually
Result calculated to guarantee a good

Who people came here last night
Why hide the truth and how do I actually do not see
How I was afraid it clear
How to survive the fuzzy drink vomit if I have to wear
Down his brow I have scratched sting

Simple enough to see her too much fun without a thought, however carefully
I also like too Repeat

Love to here if I can not remember why the sad hard
How wrong will fire at home
How to survive the fuzzy drink vomit, as I have scratched his brow
Would you care for me

Simple enough to see her happy without too much but
Be careful this one think I have Repeat

Who can understand the simpler the fewer mistakes
Who would have confused from the music Repeat
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Simple Lyrics

Charlene Choi – Simple Lyrics

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