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Cake Eater Lyrics

Charlee Remitz – Cake Eater Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Daddy taught you man he taught ya good
Isn’t stepping one foot out your neighborhood
Got your polos popped swag from the archives of a frat
Got them word banks you reference when them kids talk back
He grew an inch ay let’s all bow down
Doesn’t need no stool to reach his truck tires now
He’s a real charmer when he’s not on crack I’m talking
When his ego isn’t stroking his back

But don’t you see he put his money where his mouth is
Picked up the mess with them wristbands and a fountain
Of youth gold time everything you could dream
He’s got it all got the crew necks got the

He’s a cake eater, cake eater
Cut him a piece
He’s a cake eater, cake eater
Cut him a piece

[Verse 2]
You think you’re driven cause the family’s got game
You’re just fueled from the shit that’s already been made
Instead a mixing like a baker and constructing your space
You’ll just dip into the batter pretending to bake
Your mother loves you you could do no wrong
Even when you’re sinking teeth into anything that walks
Everybody’s got a title and a clique these days
You’re a brat by a margin and your crew’s getting lame



Remember when his boys knocked him on his ass
Turned him around and told him never come back
Never come back never come back to the trap no
We served him cake on a shiny silver plate
He knew it well yeah he knew that taste
Giving up’s got a flavor it’s a little like shame yeah

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