Looking in the mirror,
Tell me tell me what do you see
I see a star getting ready for the next movie scene
I let go of the day and I imagine

That life is a dream
I've got everything
It's not what it seems
It's all over, it's over

Along comes a heartache,
Just to make you stronger inside
Along comes a heartache,
Just to let you know you're alive
And that's a lesson for life
A lesson for life
A lesson

[Verse 2:]
Though sometimes I'm awake
I still feel stuck in fantasy
So jealous of birds the places of
Where they've been and what they've seen
If I could, What would it be like



Why should I bother with reality
Rather pretend to live lavishly
I make a ship and swim the seven seas
If I wanna, until

(Chorus 2X)
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Lesson For Life Lyrics

Charice – Lesson For Life Lyrics