You want what's in my head
You wanna tap my well
You want the secret trick
Behind my magic spell

You want my knowledge base
Only without the sweat
You wanna borrow me
Except without the debt

You wanna reap rewards
From my blood and tears
You wanna take fruit from
The crop that took me years

You wanna have it all
Despite at my expense
You wanna take my life
Without the consequence

Everything I gave to you
It saved you
But it destroyed me

I despise
Takers and the apathetic
Cold-hearted under-educated
And unsympathetic

I despise
Self-fulfilling egocentrics
Self-righteous shallow-minded
Ignorant and phallocentric

You want the tricks
Of the trade
Without the lessons to learn
You want my key to success
For the success that I earned

You want me to give it up
So you can take it all home
And pat yourself on the back
While you get credit alone

If I gave you what you want
Would you then bring me along?
Could I stand up by your side?
Would you consider that wrong?
Would you give me any time
After I gave you my all?
Or would you just set me up
In preparation to fall?

Every time I tried to make amends
And try to be a friend
You found a way to
Take advantage of me

You simply used me for my energy
You sucked the life out of me
And to this day you deny and disagree

From here on out I'll only hang you up
Maybe I'll bang you up
And make you suffer
For what you did to me

I hope you're happy with the
Choice you made
And the sick game that you played
But I don't work for free
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I Despise Lyrics

Chaotica – I Despise Lyrics