I broke down these walls, just to find an army on the other side
Cleared away the skeletons, just to find out nothing really died
Broke all these chains, just to find it was the only thing holding me up
I though I pulled all the triggers, but one was not enough
Didn't see it coming
I thought I had anything but this to fear
Didn't see it coming
The mistakes I've made have brought me here
Didn't see it coming
I never gave a shit about what you thought
Didn't see it coming
But now I've found a place to rot
Took all these pills, but the memories are back in my head
Blew out these ears, to forget everything you said
Tore out these eyes, to forget your fucking face
Now I'm back where I started, with no dreams left to chase
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Didn't See It Coming Lyrics

Chaotic Alliance – Didn't See It Coming Lyrics