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The Field Of Ante Cun Lyrics

Chaostar – The Field Of Ante Cun Lyrics

The tone of high-pitched sound, that was lashing mercilessly the air from the beginning of experiment, changed.
There was something cold on this sterile song, a kind of warning for an unknown anger. There was no turning back.
The glassy doors were shut, so the two travellers tried to hide their fears from their minds.
A complex web of wires and plastic started to move, uniting the strange couple in a ceremonial parody.
Machine hands engulfed their warm delicate bodies from all sides. Dizzy from the chemical shock Mayon O
Had the impression that he was trapped from the numerous legs of the deadly Felma creature. Then he passed out...

[Mayon O:] "Where we are? I feel like I am floating on some kind of vaporous liquid!"
[Gaia:] "Stop thinking so intensely. Your ideas confuse mine. Keep in mind that from now on,
We share the same spatial point of reference. We are bonded."
[Mayon O:] "So Cendor was right, it can be done!"
[Gaia:] "Yes, but don't get over-excited. We haven't reached our destination yet.
And then, we must be brought back safely and intact."
[Mayon O:] "Let's hope that the scientist on the laboratory will align the positions as soon as possible. I can't wait too..."

A flash of light interrupted the sentence.

[Gaia:] "I can see! But it is something more than that. In fact I feel like we became the sky...
Can you feel the stars dancing around us? Look! The crystal field of Ante Cun...
It seems to me like the face of an old friend. I was studying this field for years.
I wish we were able to move closer and reveal it's mysteries.
Maybe it is better to do something while we are waiting for the next phase".
[Mayon O:] "Please stay calm. Your idea sounds like danger to me. Remember our training and everything is going to be fine..."
[Gaia:] "Ha! For the first time you sound afraid. Perhaps you are beginning to realise the truth.
This is something more than a game that relieves boredom.
Like it or not, everything is possible my friend and a happy ending is not guaranteed..."
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