Hold tight

Hold tight if you wanna
Make this feeling stay
Hold tight
Hold tight, don't let
This moment fade away
Hold tight, now it's here
It's gonna stay

Everybody gets
The chance some day
All at once, at last
You think you've got it made

Not a word that anyone can say
That can change the way you feel
Cause you know that love is real

You can choose
But then you fall in love
Anybody, any moment, any way

Cause no matter who you choose
There's a chance that you might lose
Gonna try and that's the best
That I can do

[Repeat chorus 2x]

You can do just anything you want
You can help yourself to
Anything that's mine

Take it easy
When there's no one else
You got to get it right this time
Gonna try to make love shine

Everybody gets
The chance some day
You just take it when
The moment comes along

There is nothing you can say
There's nothing you can do
When you find the eyes of love
Are set on you

[Repeat chorus]

Now's the moment of a lifetime
And it's here for you
Come on, babe, it's time to
Make a place now, everybody
Got to let us through

Got a dream to catch tonight
It might come true
Hold tight

[Repeat chorus]
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Hold Tight Lyrics

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