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Fall 4 U Lyrics

Chad Valley – Fall 4 U Lyrics

[Chad Valley]
I think I'm gonna be undercover for too long
I've got a million things to solve and you are one
It's gotten bad but I meant to do no wrong
Setting out the ways that I did you wrong, that I did you wrong

I don't expect the truth
I only know there's you
I don't want to be down
It makes me sad to lie

[Chad Valley]
I know your wheels are in motion
Love feels like such a commotion
Everyone is movin' somewhere new
I never wanna be somewhere I don't trust
I never knew that I would ever be this loved

[Chad Valley]
You don't know what else is a-comin'
Try to stop these things that are happenin'
One day I will feel this just like you
And I'm going faster than you are
Tryin' to stop and I'm going too far
Everyone is movin' somewhere new

[Chad Valley]
It doesn't matter where you're gonna be, I'm still with you
And all the words, I'm thinking 'bout the things I knew
Let's make a promise not to say what else is on our minds
It's better still knowing that I still got you

[Glasser] (Chad Valley) x2
Knowing that these things are true (Knowing that these things are true)
Knowing that I still love you
Knowing that these things are true
And I still have feelings too
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