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Here We Go Again Lyrics

Cha Cha – Here We Go Again Lyrics

What? What?
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

*Samples mc Lytes "Shut The Eff Up (Hoe)"*

I ain't the broad you want to curse out
Rip what's in the purse out
Oh yeah, you ain't heard how
The baby got nerve now
She think I like homie, putting her ice-grill on me
Nice build on him, and I might feel naughty
But I feel for him, when it's said too fake
Now he throwing me light meals when he can't even pay my light bills for me
I ain't enticed lil' homie, got ice bills... Show me
Coz this nice deal holds me to this acting field nosy
I ain't the broad you wanna beef wit'
Better use what you sleep wit'
That language that you speak wit'
Will make you lose your teeth quick
Crushed velvet and sequins
You broads are just the cheapest
Same chick Kim said you'd find down at Freaknic
Hush puppy muse, oh enough I'm amused
Same chickens in sessions around Jagged & Absolute
Studio groupies is what I call that
Say it, cause that's how y'all act
Same chickens on the bra-strap
Actin' like we go all back, yo

*Samples mc Lytes "Shut The Eff Up (Hoe)"*

Say what?
You broads don't get it do you
Uh-huh, uh-huh I put it down like this
Y'all don't know what it is
Is it cause big girls be tough beneath the C-cups
Pull up to your club, ten deep, three trucks
Rovers for the winner, with the seats heating up
Oh the tint too dark, what's wrong can't see enough
Cause hell when I show up, didn't expect me to blow up
Advance like Boa, now I want you to throw up
Cause I'm the type of broad that set a goal, reach a goal
Say three, cause it's reasonable
Then go Gold, just regional, so...

*Samples mc Lytes "Shut The Eff Up (Hoe)"*

Y'all really should just stop hatin'
We're gonna do it like this
Oh, this where you broads gonna piss me
What you got against me?
Mr. Man stand wit' me, get back you all quizzy
Call me charged as if I'm guilty, in a minute, I'ma simply
Snap my finger like a sissy, tell 'em all where to kiss me
In the club, same thing (now ain't that a coincidence)
Now I'm the one you spill your drink on (Clumsy with Chrissy Chrissy)
These broads are fake, I know, but they gon' face Cha though
I'm in a lace condod, ballin' down the Lake Tahoe
Fellas with broads is trife now, but it costs my lifestyle
Sitting steady for a while, just to figure your wives out
Put an end to these fits, makin' it with a long kiss
Make her jam meet these fists, she f'ed with the wrong chick
Astonished, you want this, I promise I won't miss
And I get Miss Who She Wit', ice grillin' accomplice
She modeling from the Explorer, think my man ex-whore
Had run-ins with her before, but this time here's what I told her
You know what?

*Samples mc Lytes "Shut The Eff Up (Hoe)"*

I tell her like that uh-huh yeah
Tuskadero baby, what you thought
You know? See how you gonna hate the laced broad
Cause I'm in the club with you and we got the same thing on
But I'm 'bout it
Be a broad about it, don't be afraid to compliment me
Cause right is right, haters
I love y'all though, I love y'all
That makes us who we are
Thanking you for making me
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