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My Head Lyrics

Cex – My Head Lyrics

I got in the car
And turned the volume to ten
I tried to scream along
The words to something big
But my lungs couldn't handle it
My chest was strained
And my face was red
But the albums make it sound so easy
Put your mouth to microphone
And the pressure gets released
But it never sounds the same
When you're the one who's screaming
Between the world and my brain
This voice supports everything I think on its back
And its little spine is bending
I've listened all my life and you haven't told me anything
Where's the embarrassment?
Where's the banality?
I want to hold the moments that you flush from your memory
One day I'll make songs
Songs'll make it permanent
Form it in forms
The whole world might learn from this
And then all the hours of paralysis, imprisonment
It might be worth it, might be worth it, might be...

My head is spinning
But very, very slowly
And I hope one day my singing
Might contain or control it
There's a temporary sanity
In this anorexic vanity business
Satisfaction can't exist
I love work, I love success
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