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Seven Chakras Lyrics

Ces Cru – Seven Chakras Lyrics

I’ve been lied to, bust out, passed over and cast out,
Let ‘em up nights, struggling to keeping the uprights, no touchdown
I’ve been, been high but I cut down, had to calm down, try to stay the same
Caught up in the game and affecting the brain and I feel like I gonna have nuts now.
Came up in a rough town, town made me be the town tough,
Can’t see more with the crew assess and we built this thing from the ground up.
Fall down but I bounced up, so grateful that they found us,
If it never weren’t on that, man, I’m wandering where in the hell I would’ve wound up.
Imma pump up and don’t brush this, you make a bad dog out of a good pig
We could be BFs like coldridge as long as I’m a little more than hot bridge.
My shock rose are all lined up, energy fooling on a constant
When it burst full for my fingertips, it’s a good night, no long kiss.
Since 13 I’ve been cocked in, since playground I’ve been all point
Since craps an enemy I weight in, like an iron giant with a strong voice.
Since matter no money you could pay me
One night, seven nine would’ve made me
Now I change ways try to be the same in these fast times and these strange days.

Here I go fired up, glow same color as the fire truck,
Last dragon all bounce up, jump up in a way I’m high as fuck.
In the pocket I’m popping off, here point but not proper,
Stealing energy for the enemies, taking into my chakras.
Steal verses, heal curses, every now and then I feel worthless
Walking around in the presence of greatness, why would a nigga not feel nervous
Guess we’ve got to build a purpose, wrapped them and feels worth it.
Came in the game with a ball in his hand and if they change I’m still working
Still lurking, feel purping, hanging out when I’m in the booth, and my team is up to party
Y’all can hit the bar. I ain’t lying, my shit’s to prove,
He’ll cap size when I flow, these waves don’t play fair,
I wave through my night dreams that stroke to my day mares.
I don’t care, I don’t either, still rocking that wide seizure,
Excess crew when we clipped up so we roll with, no Lear.
I’m in a mood chain, the reveal, I’m in the girl fight packing the cleaver.
And in the moment like opponent they can feel me like I was wrapping the ether.

I ask for truth, you act a loth, I say some things to get back to you,
Life’s ten percent of what happens to you, all the 90% are attitude.
I shoot the proof, build strong enough to maintain my will and will call you buff
I’m doing this thing for all of us, if I lose my feet I’m still falling up.
I got a hand out, what’s there for me, no ground to stand on the air to breathe,
You’re scared of me, I outcome my fear to receive power to clarity.
Move carefully, we shatter faith, you care for me, I care the same.
Same story to play pour me, intimidation interrogate.
I serenade, can’t do the dance, music I make, move your hands
Move your hands, soothe your soul, make you go crazy and lose control.
What’s beautiful, what’s new to you, let’s worth the process to put you through
Can’t shake the pain on to day to day, it fades away, but now look at you
I push the truth, not ever lie, with a wound like this how can I survive?
Got bills to pay, big fish to fry, excuse me while I kiss the sky.
It’s turn, hands on the clocks pull down, we’re not gonna keep too fucked up,
It’s coming out, running out of options on the real, nobody gonna stop us.
Here we are, we’re playing, maintaining that entertainment,
Big enough to be heating up the street, megatron in my head cannon.
I’m modering, I’m in a model game, energy overloading, I’m going in,
Could we be folding, encoding then and then release your gun and hold in my crap.
They’re blinded about our shine, 18 16 it’s our time
Let them know how the fuck we got here, do the math, throw back, it was hard grind.
Y’all fading out like a star dime, scared to fail but don’t start trying
Guess I bet you gotta hit the deck and need dirt with all of these darts flying.
Our rhyming is hard trying, starring up in our star gliding
Posted up in that gold mine and my whole mind is on cloud nine.
They don’t need thumbs up, no co-sign, these dumb fucks wanna blow lines,
Long after and no dime, don’t give a shit, no, I don’t mind.
The snake on the back are back at the back of the building
Stuck in the minute, rapping the circle around everybody in this squat is packing the many.
Back in a minute, you already know what time it is, the rap is beginning,
Shame my mind’s the only and Imma get to use I’m attacking you with it, dig it.
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