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The Accumulated Conscious Lyrics

Cephalectomy – The Accumulated Conscious Lyrics

In the beginning there was darkness so pitch
I awoke with my nose in the earth
The sweer stench of dirt and decay fills my senses
I am carrion and I am te infinite
Alpha and the Omega. I am defective perfection

I am the soul of rebellion and chaos
The will to fight, fuck and kill
The plasma in the veins of life
Et Proavus Satanas!

Humanity greases the cogs of my existence
Like ants they scurry to and fro
Unaware of my ever judging eye
I should love to annihilate them in one fragment of
Quell their presence under my thumb
Alas... I am the bastard scion...

I should liken myself to a lone cult of suffering
With a following so numerous to fill the universe
The beasts gather as the sun withers
Upon the horns of the great divinity
Et Proavus Satanas!

The circulation of the cosmos without rest
Swirling in infinite motion of time and space
I am the cariion and I am the infinite...

The carvings of civilizations passed...
Writings on the walls of blood and stone
Handed down through the ages of torture
The chance of men to forsaketheir future
To defy fate is to deny conception
All things must come to an end

To sacrifice my awareness for one moment of adulation
The wipe free the canvas of mortal existence
And snuff out the boundaires of being
The time has come...

Et Proavus Satanas!, I put my nose to the earth
Te sweet smell of earth fills my senses, I close my
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