[Verse 1]
Stumbling over present day.
She tries so hard, but she can't walk straight.
Oh, the road stretches too far.
Giving trust, but then it breaks.
Just another reason for her to say,
Oh, I don't wanna be here anymore.

When the day ends, she gets into her bed,
Stays awake, and hides inside her head.
It's not safe there. It's over-flooded with,
"I'm never good enough. Oh, is it ever good enough?"

Don't let your thoughts rule your world.
Oh, girl,
You can cry, but if it's from a guy,
He don't deserve your hurt.
Just let your heart rule the world.
Oh, girl,
Shake if off, shake it off,
And just dance like you never hurt.
It's okay I give you my word.

[Verse 2]
Comparing self to perfect,
No doubt she's a perfectionist,
But oh, her eyes see a hundred flaws.
Claiming she don't care for love,
Filling empty pains with lust,
But oh, she just wants to be called beautiful.

When the day breaks, she's got to make a choice,
Ignore the heartache. Yeah the ache that destroys.
Her mind is racing, causing trouble like,
"I'm not ready for another. Does there have to be another?"


Open up your heart. Don't listen to the lies.
You can do it you're smart. Open up your mind.
Open up your heart. Let it increase in size.
Girl don't you know that you are treasure in my eyes.
And I'll tell you again. Oh, and I'll tell you again. Oh,
And i'll tell you again, just dance like you've never hurt.
It's okay I give you my word.
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Leonie Lyrics

Celeste – Leonie Lyrics