Your drawings are great.
I'm slightly jealous
But when I saw you,
All that slipped away.
(All that slipped away)
Into a burst of light.

I'm in love, (in love)
And I can't stop myself from seeing the risk.
(The risk I must take)
If my heart does break,
I'll run from you. (Farther each time)
I'll be looking back, for the slightest hint of regret.

And even if there is none,
I'll walk away and give up.
(I'll give up as I run from you)
What will happen?
Only time will tell us.
I'm ready for this task.
I'm ready to take the leap,
(And hope for the best as I reach the ground)
I'm prepared for the fall.

The problem is taking the first step.
(A step to you)
Just one step to you
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You, The Artist Lyrics

Celeritas Amoris – You, The Artist Lyrics