Stay back, storm is comin'
Rave form, a song is bumpin'
Laidback eating out the blues
Slowly speaking, it's hurting you

You yellin' they tellin' out something
My ears & speakers always workin'
So don't tell me nothing

And your soul?

Ye it's not old,
But it's not new
See this is what I gotta do
To stay high

As the bass go by (x2)

(John F. Kennedy speech sample)
"For we are opposed around the world
By a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy
That relies on covert means
For expanding it's sphere of influence
On infiltration instead of invasion

On intimidation instead of free choice,
On guerrillas by night instead of armies by day

Waiting, yea we waiting
There goes life form you girl
I'm gonna promise you a new world
I'm here protecting the universe
I'm just protecting the universe
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Age Of Aquarius Lyrics

Celebrity Robot – Age Of Aquarius Lyrics

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