There's a buzz across this nation
You can feel it shake the walls
Like Jimmy Stewart when he yells:
"Hello Bedford Falls!"

People wanna reach each other
N' build the trust up brick by brick
Well the right stones and the right mortar
Will make it stick

Sayin: "I love you" always works
It gets 'em every time
"I love you" is what you do
If you wanna see 'em shine
What you do becomes true

So "I love you" is what I do
For thee and me and mine

We look for hip new ways to say it
Something not so status quo
But straight as it is I find it says what
Folks need to know

It's a cliche for a reason
It's a soaring, glorious thing
No voice on Earth can reach the notes
These three words can sing

T's why "I love you" always works...
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'i Love You' Always Works Lyrics

Ceili Rain – 'i Love You' Always Works Lyrics