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By The Way Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – By The Way Lyrics

TrellGotWings bitch

Ayy, prolly go sit the coupe up (coupe up)
Although l do speed, l also sip lean
Bitch with me thick you see that through her jeans
Kush got me sleep, woke up on her cheek
Borrowed her brain saw she a geek
I spend lt authentic ain’t shit of the street
Regal on billions can’t turn down the street
Bitches ain’t chillin', I make a killin'
Also stayed absent, miss the semester
I had more dough than Italian fiesta
YSL bookbag flying out delta
Bitch l just bump think her name was Vanessa
I don't remember I’m off of the wedding cake
Big body benz I️t can’t fit in alley way
She told her friend so the bitch wanna alternate
Pockets obese so them bitches cooperate (drippin')
I’m flyer than a motherfucker, by the way (by the way)
Try some motherfuckers pass away
These ain’t mikes saint lauren, by the way
Gave her back she boring, by the way
Scatt pack floormat 12, In the way
480 hp, know l got away
Twin xds you can slide by the way
And l hope you in some shit that can fly by the way
Double cup color flamingo off white
Amiri a little moschino I’m slight
Bitch say she need a new bundle l might
Drive this pack across the country aight?
I came along a way l did not take a easy route
We get into I️t, you prolly should leave the house
I did her dirty I hope l don’t see her out
Her and her buddy l ain’t want to leave her out
Scoop on my hood when l hit lt it’s breathing out
In Miami like 30, I’m bringing out
Bad bitches too, swimsuits ringing out
Peep fu shit 100 shot ringing out
Gang shit fuck niggas cut it out
Stuffed woods OG stickin' out
Ain’t tryna smoke with nobody
My bitch say the word and I buy a new body
Wake up get fly and get high
All the niggas who hate me they prolly should find a new hobby
Shit ain’t gone change I’m still running through lobbys
Designer robes and exotic thotties
My hoodie vlone, my boxers Versace
Yellow bitch tatted l call her Kehlani
Up in VLive finna make it tsunami
Whoever want beef we just ordered pastrami bitch
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