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2017 Lyrics

Cdot Honcho – 2017 Lyrics

H-h-ood rich
Ay, C-D-O-T man
Honcho gang shit bitch,already know what the fuck going on man
Me and Rondo in this bitch smokin fat ass wood's
2017 takeover man, y'all motherfuckers ain't ready man, on my Momma
Let's get it!
Ay, ay
[Verse 1]
Shirt from commes de garcons
Fonem play round with them AR's nigga pull up give' a fuck in you not home
All over Michigan imma be fuckin' that bitch all by myself
Just me and my Uzi pull up at Gucci skrt off snakes on my belt
Niggas to goofy, niggas can't fool me had to change up my route
Nigga we pullin' up here with a Draco, ass came under yo' ass like a couch
No more walking, I'm chasing that peso, in a [?] open yo shit like a bagel
These bitches they wan't be, don't know me, I fuck em' do em' dirty like faygo
I'm feeling like holes, I got twin hoe's, twin turbos
Smoking on gas, who want smoke, just bought twin four o's
Ridin' round town with a muh' fucking chopper, feel like a muh fucking rasta
And I'm in a nice car and I got all the breaks off, feel like a muh fucking Doctor
One call, fonem pull up take shit, make shit sing like Opera
I lie to bitches everyday, especially your honors
I swear I ain't never got love for a hoe, she better off fuckin' on bro
I be lying to the bitch, been so much shit, I swear she hittin' my door (goofy ass bitch)
Pull up in that four door
Smelling like gas, tell the valet be careful don't put it in sport mode
Honcho gang AK's, go on take off a torso
If it's about money, I'm right outside, fly to New York finna' cash on that Flight Club
Came from the bottom I'm high up, smoking on indo, glizzy extendo'
Them hundreds we spend though, fat ass steak just ate Del Friscos
My life is not regular, I'm not wrestler, chopper send him to Delaware
On [?]
I pull up at villas, sorry if I shit on you it's so accidental
Your bitch bought her friend to she got a man to, we keep it confidential
I really don't give a fuck, I never hit her up, cause that bitch not essential
One problem, we set it up, 30 gon' split him, that'll be so consequential
I just put a chip in a jeep
The law tryna creep that's not an issue
Red bottom my pedal to, they hit me, they run up, that's charge, that's not a whistle
Fonem be running with FN's, teach you lesson by splitting ya tissue
Gang in this bitch with the weapons, fat ass AR that's not a missle

2017 we taking this shit over man
We gon' keep leveling up on muh fuckas
Muh fuckas ain't stopping us
Muh fuckas keep tryna copy us
Ay, bitch
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