A CRUCE SALUS (From the cross comes salvation)
A DEO ET REGE (From God and the king)
A POSSE AD ESSE (From possibility to accuality)
AB ETERNO (From the beginning of time)
AB VITAM PARAMUS (We are preparing for life)
ADVERSUS SOLEM NO LIQUITOR (Don't speak against the sun)
AGNUS DEI (Lamb of God)
ANTEBELLUM (Before the war)

You look upon
The treasures of the sun
You feel beneath
The earth's crawling beast
The race is on
A plague upon us
Innocence is lost
Paradise lost

Deus ex machina
Deus ex machina

The superior being
Fixing everything
Suspension disbelief
God sees everything
Ghost in the machine
Power in between
The exodus within
Reveal your inner sin

Deus ex machina
Deus ex machina

Arise... The beast is alive
Alive... And cleaning the streets
Die... You parasites
Rise... Lord of the flies
Lights... Lights in the sky
Fire... Fire will rise
March... March of the cyborgs
Life... The machine is alive

AUDACES FORTUNA IUVAT (Fortune favors the bold)
AUDERE EST FACERE (To dare is to do)
ARDUUM SANE MUNUS (A truly ardous task)
ANNUIT COEPTIS (God has favored us)
AVE CESAR MORITURI TE SALUTAMOS (Hail Cesar who are about to die -- salute you)
ARMIS EXPOSCERE PACEM (They demand peace by force of arms)
ARCANA IMPERII (Secrets of the empire)

Machine of the Gods
To rule all of us
Control your thoughts
Read your minds
Infect with lies
The virus will die...

Deus ex machina
Deus ex machina
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Deus Ex Machina Lyrics

Cavalera Conspiracy – Deus Ex Machina Lyrics