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The Earthling Lyrics

Cattle Decapitation – The Earthling Lyrics

Between the cracks
Of time and space infinite black
A species, a disease
The planet earth has fleas
A tapeworm
A parasite
Microscopic organisms that crawl on your face at night
Resident flora - human host to mites burrowing in the sores of
Oil ducts, glands; epidermal crabs take a stab at the dermis
And underlying flab
And the staunch of bouch writhing in the raunch
Of panties stretched taut hot on the crotch

Upon a look inside
One can observe it's functions
Quite beautiful, actually
Unfortunately, it's human - the earthling

Prey that mankind comes to a stop
Bottom feeder worked it's way to the top
The primaordial waste which we're from
Look at it and what we have done

Bag of organs - sputtering mucous generator -
Saliva on skin - sniff your own aroma

Structure of cells
Best to have not metastasized
Into this barbaric creature
That you know as yourself

...and these things,
These goddamn ugly earthlings
They tried to put a face on creation
They invented a morality crutch
To hide us from our own nature
One of virulence and futility
Through abstinence and humility
How dare they hide the truth

Our job is to destroy
Let no man go unemployed
Do what you do best - kill everything.

Why stop at innocent beings?
Kill everything.
Self destruct - an instinct for extinction
Kill everything.
Armageddon wasn't only a dream
Kill everything.
The most disgusting thing this world's ever seen
The earthling.

You're all ingrates
Waste of time and space
Begin with the self
And destroy all.
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Songwriters: Josh Elmore, Michael Laughlin, Travis Ryan, Troy Oftedal
The Earthling lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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