He looked like a magazine model leanin' there on the hood
Of his truck
He had a deep south tan and a pearl snap shirt with the
Sleeves rolled up
He was smilin' at me, made it sound so sweet
When he said "Girl you wanna go for a ride?"

If only he were you
I'd be comin' unglued
I'd be jumpin' in that front seat
Puttin' up my bare feet
There's no tellin' what I might do

If only he were you
If only he were you.

Later that night he pulled into my drive and walked to my
And he rang that bell with a fist full of flowers like
All the times before
But I kept all the lights low, watched out the window
Waiting till he drove away.


Chorus (Repeat)
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If Only He Were You Lyrics

Catherine Britt – If Only He Were You Lyrics