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Reflection Lyrics

Catch 22 – Reflection Lyrics

[ T. J. Berry ]

Throw all your pride along the wayside
Gonna hit you now from your blindside
Cast reflection upon what you think is real
Cast reflection upon the way you feel
No one sees the hammer coming down
Stop the vicious circle from going round
Save your breath cause you can't save the world
The weight upon your shouldrs
Is crushing down
[ chorus ]
Stare into the looking glass of life - and see your
Re - re - reflection
Throw all your hate out the window
Forget your pain and then just let it flow
On and off out and in then up again
Step back and take A look at where you ve been
If you could if you would you know you should
Stand in the places where your heroes stood
Here it is in your face you re in the race
Push em back and put them in their place
[ chorus ]
Six feet is all you have to be
Six feet from here to eternity
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