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Form Lyrics

Catch 22 – Form Lyrics

You will have the faith
And you will have the power
And you all shall kneel down before me
I am the new god
Touch my hand and I shall save your soul
This is the church of blood
And the baptism by fire
[ verse 1]
In my dreams
God speaks to me
And you all shall be damned
If you don't believe
This is what he speaks
How can you be so weak
And he's laughing all the while
As he pulls your leash
[ chorus 1 ]
Form your own opinion
Don't you buy that shit
Now the preacher thinks
His church is my T. V. Set
[ verse 2 ]
69 miles to jonestown
Wacos on the way
Sell your soul to mind control
Operation obey
So let it be written
So let it be done
So many religions
There can only be one
[ chorus 2 ]
Form your own opinion
Under one good god
Now the preacher thinks
I can't see through his facade
[ solo ]
[ repeat 1st verse ]
[ repeat 1st chorus ]
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