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Soror Mystica Lyrics

Catamenia – Soror Mystica Lyrics

Under black moon flamed a fire
Like storm the time all dreams has gone
And the time of might has dawned
As the stars she shines in a darkest sky.

Fiery hearts of mountains throbbed
Oceans ran, shores wept alone
Paths misguided, winds raped the trees
Until the silence dropped on it's knees.


They laid their gazes to the ground
At the ancient graves of time
And mountains embraced them
Ceased all the changes made.

Under thousand stars, extinguished a fire
Took the blackened throat of flame
We cry for emptiness, we cry for coldness
Still is the sky motionless why.
But in the mist, under burning steams
Smiles with the mask of death on her face
Believing, and giving to the darkness the strenght.


[Chorus X2]
They laid their...
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