Kids from the suburbs, in the underground
They're punching and kicking everybody around
Don't give me none of your 2-faced shit
Don't agitate me cause this is it

They'll do anything to see what they can find
As long as it leaves some poor bastard blind
You kick him in the nuts and leave him laying in the streets
Then stab him in the back and they turn on the heat
Oohhh we're the underground army- tell me what you want to see
We're the underground army- tell me what you want to be
We're the underground army- and do what you want to do
We're the underground army- no one cares about you

They roam the streets, late at night
All they want to do is destroy and fight
They don't care what goes on
They'll do anything as long as it's wrong


When you go out, don't go alone
You'll end up under a tombstone
Fighting out depression
Leads to more agrivation
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Underground Army Lyrics

Casualties – Underground Army Lyrics