Every kind of nervous
Screaming inside me
Boy you don't deserve this
And my weakness terrifies me
I must breathe in breathe out
Regaining my composure
Walked in the door
I feel him getting closer

I'm starting he's not stopping
I stutter he's not bluffing

Feels like I'm standing by
Watching me stumble
Watching me break you heart
I'm stinking low, low
I'm bout to let go
[Reset] not worth the tumble
[Reset] just let it slide
[Reset] don't let me crumble
[Reset] just say goodnight

On the very surface
I could take this lightly
But there's a darker purpose
And I tremble more than slightly
I much breathe in breathe out
He's causing my exposure
Who am I now?
Cause I don't even know her

I'm burning it's not nothing
I'm turning he's not bluffing
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Reset Lyrics

Cassie Davis – Reset Lyrics