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I'm A Hustla Lyrics

Cassidy – I'm A Hustla Lyrics

[Intro]nigga asks about me X4

[Chorus]ima hustla ima ima hustla homie X2
Nigga asks nigga nigga ask about me X2
Ima hustla ima ima hustla homie X2
Nigga asks nigga nigga ask about me X2
Ima hustla ima ima hustla homie X2

I'm so nice that I'd bet my life I guess I gotta gamblin' problem you scramblers can't handle the problem stop! I win a lot when I bet, so I spend a lot, the rocks on my neck they weigh more than a cinder block. To move forward I had to guard and defend the rock and I got more blocks than a cinder got. Shaq style the gat loud when I send the shots, if there's drama I'm like Dahmer you dinner ha! Kuz you is not no contender ha! I make them sick to they gut when I pik up, the pen and jot. I grind all summer hustle all winter ha! You workin' wit a bird or two, you still a beginner ha! They bring the ships in when I cop, Scarface got 'em for 14-5 I get 'em 10 a rock. It's kept around break it down then get 10 a rock, my clique switch shifts that's 6 and 10 o'clock. I'm workin' wit a raw dog and I be in the spot, you workin' wit the law dog you shoulda been a cop. I don't care if you get shot or been to the pen or not, pussy I'll pull it give you 8 bullets in da box.

You a bitch ass nigga snitch ass nigga I'm the type that get cash quik fast nigga, Cass is a rich ass nigga I got it on smash I make hits n yo shit trash nigga, nah you aint hot at all, so when the media ask if I fuk wit a lot of y'all I'm like not at all, the last cat I heard rap nodded off so I aint fukin wit nuthin if I'm not involved. My 1 liners make rhymers need Tylenol and I been sick wit the hook since I wrote "Got it all" for kiss n' eve I flip the keys n got 20's in the x-mas tree wit no sticks n seeds, that'll get you higher than a muthafucka, ima pretty type guy flyer than a muthafucka, ima hustla wit thailand in the plan when I perform it's more than 10, 000 in the stands, I been getting 1, 000's to the gram that's why I'm on the cover of the Source wit 10, 000 in my hand the reason I be smiling for my fans is kuz I ain't tryin to lose my deal like I'm "Dalin" from the band, man, these niggas actin' like thugs but they ain't neva squeeze these niggas actin like bloods but they aint neva bleed. We all dogs, ima better breed and you can't say I don't come back to the hood kuz I ain't neva leave, ain't shit change but shit same wit chedda cheese I jus cop better coke and smoke better weed. I'm single so I get the hoes that I want, had the #1 single and went gold in a month, what you want

[Alt. Chorus] ima hustla ima ima hustla homie X2
Nigga asks nigga nigga ask about me X2
Ima hustla ima ima hustla homie X2
Nigga ask about me X3
Nigga ask...
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