(Ft AR-AB)

It's too much money in here
Eyah it's too much money in here
This money over there, this money over here
This money over here it's money everywhere
It's too much money in here
I get get money I'm bout getting the cash,
I get get money I'm bout getting the cash
I get get money I'm bout getting the cash
That's why niggas getting the money... the cash

It's hard to play your part if you ain't got no heart
Listen to chain you got me getting brain that's why I'm so smug
You ain't the smart... that's a... you might as well... go walk
I keep the raiser like the barber I'm so shot
My car got a ball here that chock off the... heart
I'm already legendary like... my cash up you just guessed up
Nigga go... so I'm growing myself
I'm the second producer on my music myself
I flow tight I got my... my belt
Is stupid people you can truth to me help
But if you ain't around a bunch of bro people
Than you stupid yourself
Get your cash


I'm so icy like Gucci but I don't' wear Gucci bags
I'm... I don't do the Louie and Gucci racks
You close tighter than your wife with the groupie...
Home she stop I strangle with your own scarf
I'm side to my own label I'm my own boss
But your pay checks less checks with my own...
If you ain't got my ringtone check your phone off

'Cause all this very clear...
I'll be making your chick there drop
I make the hair shot I'll begin my top moon off
I'm not a bad person but I put man working
This mother fuckers got cass cursin
Everybody say they aliens I guess I'm the last...
But you will never catch me jerk and swag surfing
No 'cause I don't do the shit kids do
My flow sicker than the pick flu
Get the cash


I get to the money no... stopping
Forty grant on me two... profit
Think about robbin that's no option
I'm hangin out the window
Two big rockets, I just say go
If you say snow got a foot of low
8 hundred four owe, orders get...
44 snupper heading one time
All my money come fast for the lambo
I return for the... I'm Rambo
I don't tips in the clip for the emo
Do you leave teddy bears in the cando
I see round... put the four pounder
I cop white girl then I go drowner
Vision ware weapon tell em every killers
Pockets look like a dictionary in the...
All black... all black... sit I don't lost...
M16 in the two bling weak shot in
Get the chest to scream
... didn't... like a hit like a...
And I ain't got to wait the next...
Baby get my... 'cause...

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2 Much Money Lyrics

Cassidy – 2 Much Money Lyrics