Well your colours shined this evening and
Picturing you leaving with him girl
This scene has set now over your head
Any other night I could be crazy watchin you sleep
Girl believe me when I say that that it's dead tonight.

Baby just let me know what it's like to be with you
Just another night alone in your room
As the lights fade covers start to shake
One last time save the emotion
And play me now as we fake it.

She said kiss me and let me know how it feels
Kiss me and let me know how it feels.

Why would we waste our time when this could last forever
How longs it gonna take for us to get together
Out of every girl I meet
No others get this close to me now girl
Lets make this last forever.

Baby just let me show what a night with me could do
Just one time alone in my room
As the bass drops high notes fall in time
With this line give me a sign
And play me now as we fake it.
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Save The Emotion Lyrics

Casiokid – Save The Emotion Lyrics