Songman, sing your song
Until the morning comes
I can listen as long
As you can play
Songman, can you teach me
How to make someone feel good
I think I have a song or two
That I might wanna
Sing like you someday

When I was young
He'd come around from time to time
He could make that old piano ring

I remember how my daddy smiled
A certain kind of smile
With every song his
Little friend would sing

[Repeat CHORUS]

He'd sit there in the parlor
With a twinkle in his eye
Laughing as he had
A taste or two

Then all of us would
Gather round and listen in as
He'd play us every
Song he ever knew

He'd sing of old times
And simple rhymes
He's sing of ladies fair
One song always made
My mama cry

With every tune
He filled the room with
Cowboys, clowns, or kings
You could almost touch them
If you tried

[Repeat CHORUS]

I often wondered
Was he happy all the time
Or did he just play the part

Why he came alone and why
He always left the same
Did he sing to hide a broken heart

Those days are gone forever
But some things remain the same
Though he and his songs
Are both gone out of style

Beneath it all
No matter what you think you see
I'm just a songman
Trying to make you smile

[Repeat CHORUS]
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Songman Lyrics

Cashman & West – Songman Lyrics

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