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'lac Motion Lyrics

Cashis – 'lac Motion Lyrics

Screech out, yeah
That's what I'm talkin 'bout [bzzt]
Ca$his, Shady [bzzt]
Good lookin Em

We in the Cadillac Cartel and Snoop Devilles
Ridin on Treys like Barksdale, I'm Hoover still
Step out and see the new Car-mellos you would steal
But you ain't runnin around here cause dude is real
You dub for fifteen minutes sayin they shoot and steal
I would tell you more, but I think, you would squeal
I'm ridin at the wheel, lean back, poppin pills
I make a lil' side money plus I got a deal
I'm nine kids deep see why I got a deal
It's served so the government can't touch my scrill
Before I'm sittin in my big house on a hill, Dark Naughty, and H. B.
All gon' have a meal, I am the Bogish Boy that was in my uncle's will
You figure that out and see that I'm a "G" for real
If feel a man there's one thing that he gon' feel
Knock a nigga out while his gun on him still

Now, now, now Lac Motion
West Coast beatin down yo bloc
That's how we do it out here, out here folk
That's how we do it out here, back forth, forth

New Makeveli jeans 5X Blu Leaf hangin to my motherfucin knees nigga
I got a gang of my partners from O. C.
Figure if there's some drama they all ridin with me
If ya recognize the situation that you can't win
You may feel like a mark mellow but you can live
Still you tryin to be hard, yellin out stupid shit
I just look at you, laugh, and say that you a bitch
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