I sit watching the day go past
Feeling the weight of the world
All these problems that I've amassed
Seem to tire me out
So don't say anything more
Let's just sit in silence

And the sky is filling up with clouds
And nothing feels the same
Although summer is here now
It looks like rain
It looks like rain
Oh it looks like rain

I'll be paying for my mistakes
I guess that's what I deserve
Look at the trouble that I have made
Maybe one day I'll learn

So don't remind me again
Let's just chase the daylight

Once I begin I can't go back anyway
Once I let go I know I'll just want to stay
If you stay close I'll only push you away
I can't shake this
Once I give up I know I'll find hope again
Once I stand up I'll fight for this again
If you let go I'll reach for your other hand
Promise you that
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Looks Like Rain Lyrics

Casey Stratton – Looks Like Rain Lyrics