Well, I'm just a poor boy
Wandering through
There's holes in my pockets
There's rocks in my shoes

I've nothing to give you
Nothing to lend
As long as you live, though
You've got you a friend

Ooh, baby
Poor boy's love is a sweet thing
Ooh, baby
Poor boy's life is a free thing

Well, yes, I'm a poor boy
Poor boy indeed
But I don't want nothing
I got what I need

All of my loving
Is all I can give
Living to love you
I'm loving to live

[Repeat chorus x2]

Now if you feel lazy
And down in your mind
Don't you get crazy
I'll make you feel fine

Just look for the magic
Your dreams will come true
'Cause I got the power
And you got it too

[Repeat chorus x2]
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Poor Boy Lyrics

Casey Kelly – Poor Boy Lyrics

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