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Better Off Alone Lyrics

Casey Donahew Band – Better Off Alone Lyrics

Empty on the hours
And empty on the days
I've locked up all the doors
Take me on my way

Down a broken road of questions
That lead me to a lie
To a cold night in December
When we both sat down to cry

Now will you carve my name upon a stone?
Will you lay me down to rest?
Do you think I'll see my father's father
Do you think I'll pass his test?
Will you whisper "Lord please keep me,
Always walk right by my side"?
Will you place the coins upon my eyes
To pay the boatman for the ride?

Well I was standing in the drizzling rain
Just long enough to wash away my pain
And realize that she's never coming home
She said "I won't come back"
I said "Don't come back, I'm better off alone"

She called me from a pay phone
South of San Antone
And I could hear somebody talking
But she swore she was alone
You know it sounded so familiar
I pray to God that I am wrong
I always thought she'd leave me
I never dreamed he'd go along

Chorus X2

I'm better off alone
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