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Emotional Lyrics

Casely – Emotional Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Damn Somebody Tell Me Why The First Girl I See When I Walk Up In The Club Her
Nigga You Told Me That You Was Gonna Make Sure I Wasn't Gonna See This Girl
No Not Tonight, I Wanted To Give It Time, I Wanted Her Out My Mind
Now It's Too Late To Leave
Damn, I Wonder Who That Is She's Talking To... He Put The Drink Down Now He's Makin A Move, I Wonder Where They Movin To
And Just Like A Fool I'm Watchin Her
Tryna Make My Eyes Deter
But I can't Stop Watchin I'm Watchin
Said I Can't Stop Watchin, I'm Watchin

[Pre Chorus:]
Now The Only Thing I Feel Inside Of My Chest Is All This Regret
I Never Should Of Let You Go, Why'd I Let You Go,
This Situation Is Under My Skin
There's A War Goin On Within

This Is How I Feel Everytime I'm Around You
I Just Lose Control When I'm In The Same Room
I Get So, I'm Sooo
Emotional, Emotional, Emotional

[Verse 2:]
So What should I Think?
Should I just Rolled Up, Like we Do It On Dubs
Show me What It Is, Make me Miss our Love
Yea Reminisce On Us
Look At you Stressin, So Caught Up
So Learn my Lesson, I Realize
(But Now it's just Too Late)
Cause I Just Wrapped His Hands Around my Slim Waist
That was my Waist
Please Don't say I'm Dancing The Same Way
She danced with me
Cuz Man That Could Never Be
That's what she said to me
That's Why it's So Hard 4 you To Believe

[Pre Chorus:]
Now The Only Thing I Feel Inside Of my Chest Is All That Regret
I Never Should Of Let you Go, Why'd You Let me Go,
This Situation Is Under my Skin
There's A War Goin On Within

Hey Girl, Didn't See Ya Standin There it's Been A
Long Time, it's Feelin Really Good To See Your Smile
(Every Once In A While) I'm Thinkin Of You And Me- E
But Life Is Good I'm Free-E Yea
Wait! Baby I'm Frontin Honestly I Made A Big Mistake
I'm Struggling With Reality, It Hurts More Everyday
I Been Blaming You For Makin Me Feel This Way
And Now I'm Crushed Without Your Love

[Chorus:] [x2]

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