Seventeen, beauty queen
Get in line to kiss her feet
Covers read "How To Be Like Me"
Cause Daddy bought her the magazine

Pave your way with the innocent
Anything you want, you get
No need to break a sweat when you're born with it

Outside looking to the inside
Being you must be nice

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will make you famous
Not what you do, it's what you know
That's the way to make it in this game
Trading dreams for lies, sell them off with plastic smiles
Ain't that the new american way?

The same age, different page
Lives his life stuck in a cage
Breaks it all just to earn his pay
Chewed up, spit out everyday

Plays his game out fair and square
When he needs help there's no one there
People fail to see that there's no glory in reality

Take the high road to nowhere
It'll lead you there fast
But remember the first shall be the last

(Solo Erik)
(Solo Johnny)
(Solo Erik & Johnny)
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The New American Way Lyrics

Cascadence – The New American Way Lyrics