Verse 1
Put a toast in the air, ladies at the back come close over here
It's a celebration I'm the boss of the year, million dollar man what's the cost of the lair
Shots shots shots shots shots
Carvelli's got the rounds
Drinks on me when I'm up on your town ladies in free that's the way we put it down
Rock rock rock rock rock
Lets rock and roll side to side just lose control feel this beat inside your soul
Hey hey hey hey hey
We grooving baby it's my jam it's moving baby come on it's moving baby

The party's rolling with me we up in vip
It's time to get hot get hot lets burn up the scene
Got money throw it around tonight we'll tear up the town
And how we won't stop won't stop don't wanna come down
Down down down down
We don't wanna come down down down down down
We don't wanna come down down down down down
We ain't ever coming down down down down down down

Verse 2
No stress it's a no no Lil John said in 05 baby go low
Luda style twista with the go go
Black and orange lambo just call it ocho
Oh oh oh oh oh
It's a party over her Carvelli in it it's a party of the year by the bar pop bottles over here
Hey hey hey hey hey
Baby this my sound ladies jumpin it's my style mazi parked outside right now
Go go go go go
I'm ballin baby Italiano sound I'm ballin crazy come on I'm ballin crazy
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Go Lyrics

Carvelli – Go Lyrics