When the winter snow covers the forests
And when ice covers every lake,
When the whole world seems like it is sleeping,
That is when the forgotten awake.
They are all the old and the wise creatures
You believed in a long time ago,
But the world has lost all it's believing
And they all disappeared in the snow.

Show me the place where their fires still burn
High in the nocturnal sky,
Show me the place where their magic still lives
And where their eagles still fly...

Bow your head, feel the shame deep inside you,
You deny your roots and your pure heart.
You deny the great kingdom of nature
And your soul will forever be scarred.
The forgotten once have been your brothers,
But your minds have been poisoned with lies.
Maybe one day you will be forgiven
Because heathen belief never dies.

Where a true heart lives, a true eye can see
Ancient worlds of heathen might;
Where a true eye sees, a true man will live
And he will know how to fight...
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The Forgotten Belief Lyrics

Carved In Stone – The Forgotten Belief Lyrics