I spent time in a truck stop, time pouring coffee
I was wearing my hair long, I was loving an angry man
I wore too much eyeliner

I spent time in a new town, playing covers for tips
I spent my birthday this year in Ohio in a Day's Inn hotel
It's all in who you are and where you've been
That gets into your bones that get under your skin
It's not just the memories you take from them
That gets into your bones than get written on your heart
That gets under your skin

I spent time on Lake Michigan, we were drinking in high school
We were restless and waiting, restless and wanting
For something to break

And time and another I was watching it wither
I was holding my hands out, holding my hands up
Holding it together

There have been people and partings
And those things that you should have seen coming
There have been memories and moments
And those faces you can't forget

I lay back with my baby, we were lit up like lanterns
We were rolling like laughter, rolling like thunder
Rolling around in your arms

It's a strange adventure, this whole getting older
There is so much to measure, so much to treasure
So much to grieve

And there is a girl at the counter and she's pouring me coffee
She's wearing her hair long, she's got too much eyeliner
Like I used to wear
She's pouring me coffee, she's got to much eyeliner
Like I used to wear
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Under Your Skin Lyrics

Carrie Newcomer – Under Your Skin Lyrics

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