Well baby,
You know you've got me going
So just take me for the ride of a lifetime
Hand in mine
As I stare into your eyes

When the lights go out, I'll be thinking of you
And when I close my eyes
Shorty I still see you
I got you locked in my sights
Let's make a run to our battlestations

Well you know me all too well,
But what you don't know, might hurt ya
Let's take this on ourselves
Create a sensation

I'll keep falling faster for you
Stranger of my life
I'll keep falling faster for you
I know I don't believe much in religion
but I have to say that
She is a gift from God to me
She's my angel

If the sky falls down
to collapse on the sea
I know there's things in life
that the eye can't see
If I get lost on the way
I need your help in
finding myself

Save my soul
Take me to freedom
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Baby Lyrics

Carousel Kings – Baby Lyrics