Metal Music's a man's man's world
It must be done with muscles and force
Cannot rock with half a crotch
Cannot boogie if you ain't got balls
The girl's place is backstage
To satisfy the victorious warrior
So ungrab that mike you bitch
I'm a narrow-minded sexist pig

Doro Pesch or Lee Aaron
Who can recall one of their tunes?
Same thing for the so-called Rock Goddess,
Runaways, Cheetah or Girlschool
They all wanted to play boys' games
But they won nothing but self-humiliation
Kat's been the only one to succeed
But she was a guy wearing a skirt and a wig

We take their constitution into account
Female bodies are weaker than ours
I'll prove I'm right with this:
Could a woman play that pleasant bridge? No!

Go on...

Many bands' work spoiled by braying cuties
Singing out of tune two times out of three

History shows us that we're right
All rock geniuses were men
Find me a she-Zappa, find me a she-Elvis
Find me a she-Lennon, find me a she-Hendrix
The girl's place is definitely backstage
To satisfy the victorious warrior
Or in a recording studio, to clean the johns
Not in front of a microphone

This one's a tribute to c** tanks
With well-shaped hips and boobs like bumpers
Who know where female talent lies:
S***s, whores & pornostars
They never wanted to play boys' games
And they won nothing but congratulations
They may be held in high esteem
They sure deserve a better reputation

This one's a tribute to c** tanks
Bad girls don't get bored in hell
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Narrow-Minded Sexist Pig Lyrics

Carnival In Coal – Narrow-Minded Sexist Pig Lyrics